I recently completed my doctoral studies at the University of Oxford’s Department of Experimental Psychology, and I’m currently freelancing as a writer, speaker, and consultant.

Well before I began my academic career, I worked professionally as a magician. Work that I continued to do part-time throughout my studies. During my undergrad and MSc courses, my studies of visual cognition and my performances were separate but parallel. When I began my DPhil (PhD), I've was able combine my passions for magic and psychology. My thesis was titled: Observations on Invisibility: An investigation of expectation and attention on visual awareness. The project involved a mixture of empirical studies as well as historical analyses of how scientists have approached the study of illusions. I conducted experiments in inattentional blindness, misinformation, and metacognitive illusions. The historical elements of the work included considerations of ancient Egyptian fairy tales recorded on scraps of papyrus, witch trials, ghost hunts, and alleged empirical laboratory evidence of extra-dimensional immortal sprit beings.